AKO is the Abreviation for “Army Knowledge Online”. We have spoken about this system before in the article ” Army Knowledge On-line ” but it is such a broad topic we feel we should revisit it.

AKO broadly speaking is a site that is run by the US Army and falls basically under the umbrella of the department of Defence (DOD) , who incidentally have branded the same site DKO  . We realize this is a little confusing and there are so many abbreviations however bear with us and all will be explained.
The history of the AKO and DKO website stems form the DOD getting snowed under with enquiries about military jobs. Both service men and women employment and well civilian personnel. A lot the question that were being asked by prospective employees were being asked over and over again. So a decision was mad to consolidate alot of this information and as a result AKO was born. When you head to the website you will see a relatively un interesting screen that has 3 options. When clicking on any of the links your browser will ask you to authorize the security certificate for the site. You can accept this as the site is run by the military and if you can’t trust them who can you trust?

1) Login AKO/DKO

If you have a CAC (Common Access Card)You can click on the blue link labelled “AKO/DKO Login Page” If you do not have a username and password you can also register one by clicking on that same link.

2) Login AKO Webmail

This link will take you to a separate login for webmail. The page will look similar to the one in option 1) above. The link looks like this “AKO Webmail Login Page

3) Help AKO/DKO Help Site

This third link is probably the most useful those of you who are trying to do some research into Army, Navy, Air Force or basically any military jobs. When you click on this link you will basically be presented with 6 option and they are as follows.

  • Get Answers : We store all resolved problems in our solution database. Search by product, category, keywords, or phrases.
  • My Stuff : Login to check the status of your questions, modify your answer update notifications, update your personal profile, or access restricted information and features.
  • Report Computer Attacks : Submit a report to ACERT regarding computer attacks.
  • DoD Security Requirements May Require Browser Changes : On 23 June 2010, AKO converted to using only NIST/NIAP-approved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. To ensure access to the Portal, it may be necessary to change your individual browser settings. For more information and required security settings, click here.
  • *NEW Enterprise Email Support and Information : DISA’s new Enterprise Email service support and information is pending development. For support and information contact your regular IT support organization. *AKO/DKO service desk agents are unable to provide support for Enterprise Email
  • Contact AKO Helpdesk : Click here to read our most commonly asked questions, read about any announcements, or find out how to contact/call us should you still need assistance.

The bullet point above that we will be speaking about here is “Get Answers” This link will send you to a well stocked database that has an answer to almost any question you could possibly ask about the military. However if you do manage to exhaust this wealth of knowledge then you can always try the “Contact AKO Helpdesk“ although you should make this a last resort.

For your convenience we have put a link to the AKO and DKO website here!

Wikipedia also has some good information on Army Knowledge Online (AKO) here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Knowledge_Online


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